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Technical Services and Remote Upskilling

SharpTrain offers technical consulting, course development, training, and talent advisory.

About Us

SharpTrain’s industry-leading team possesses an extensive background in cloud infrastructure, data engineering, and full-stack development. We excel at providing advisory services, auditing, and optimization plans, creating SOPs, migration planning, knowledge transfer, curricula construction, and live training. 

What separates us from our competitors is the ability to apply automation concepts anywhere while instilling an open-source, vendor-agnostic approach within our client’s technical teams. We pride ourselves on leaving our clients with the skills and mentality to achieve self-sufficiency.


Areas of Practice

Infrastructure As Code


Beginner Python

Introduction to python programming, data types and understanding of APIs

Python for SDN

Python programming for on-premise cloud

Python for Public Cloud

Data Automation


Intro to PA / RPA

Implementing Process Automation with and without Robots.

Practical BI with Tableau

Increase the efficacy and quality of executive reports and dashboards.

Data Analytics and Deep Learning

Modern concepts of Data Science and Machine Learning.

Management Mastery


Methodology Transition

Waterfall to Agile

Maturing Agile Practice

Legacy Infrastructure

Maturing Agile Practice

Devsecops Concentration
Questions?  Interested in taking a course?  Let us know!


“Last year my company implemented an enterprise wide university program, designed to enhance our employee’s professional growth and continued education. Management was responsible for locating cutting edge companies to develop partnerships supporting the university initiative. We choose SharpTrain to provide python and general automation training to infrastructure engineers and project management staff. What I quickly realized was SharpTrian’s services were much more then just training. Their unique approach combining custom curricula, delivery and mentorship, resulted in 300 engineers sufficiently trained in 4 months time.”

  • Michael B (Global Telecommunications Carrier)

“Our CIO made global transformational commitments to AWS, MS Azure and Cisco ACI. As a director of engineering, I needed to get a handle on my teams skill sets and current state. I contracted SharpTrain to conduct an assessment of my infrastructure teams. SharpTrain’s assessment process was uniquely conducted in a class setting, which opened up brand new dialog amongst my teams. The approach put everyone at ease, making the information exchanges meaningful and accurate. We now contract SharpTrain to build and deliver custom curricula for key divisions in our technology organization.

  • Asif C (International Bank)

“We brought SharpTrain in to help our infrastructure department with our SDN and automated infrastructure initiatives. Their experienced team developed a custom, paired training program which became the catalyst for a series of successful brown field implementations. At the end of each project SharpTrain left our staff with the knowledge and confidence to operate autonomously. The versatility of their core curricula and personalized delivery methods create a fun, knowledge sharing atmosphere.”

  • George S (National Clearing Company)