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Onboarding and Mobility

Employee orientation and talent retention are two essential metrics considered by leadership in any organization.

SharpTrain provides specialized workforce assessments and services designed to reduce onboarding time and increase internal career mobility.

Our approach pinpoints shortfalls and gaps in recruiting, candidate assessment, onboarding, training, team communication, and the technologies that wrap them together.

SharpTrain’s teams combine technical SMEs and instructors with HR and talent acquisition specialists. This enables us to provide a unique advisory team that will help our clients improve the overall employee experience.

Cloud & Data Solutions

SharpTrain Offers Services In The Following Areas

  • Could Assessment and Optimization
  • Could Refresh and Cloud Management Transition
  • End to End Cloud Automation
  • Process Automation (Google Sheets, Excel)  
  • Robotic Process Automation (UiPath
  • Data Visualization and Reporting (Tableau, Power BI) 
  • Data Governance Advisory
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Software Auditing
  • Fractional CIO Consulting 

Contact us at info@sharptrain.com to set up a free 30-minute consultation with one of our team members. 




SharpTrain has a proven track record of reviving, enhancing, or even overhauling training solutions that are married to costly technology roadmaps.

Our custom curricula construction enhances centers of excellence, strengthens diversity hiring initiatives, and enables employee mobility.

We carefully blend and condense relevant course material into an ingestible format designed to optimize a student’s learning experience.

Our goal is to leave your organization in a position that positively affects corporate culture and sets a foundation for sustained technical education.

Check out our courses and send us an email if you have any questions. Info@sharptrain.com 

About Us

SharpTrain is here to transform you and your staff as we head toward new things.  Read a little more about our mission and learn why services like ours will be necessary for the future.

Course Catalog

Take a course to familiarize yourself with newer and widely used technologies, or learn how to better utilize your company’s current software.

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